On Men's Cosmetic Surgery

Men Cosmetic Surgery Malaysia On Men's Cosmetic Surgery

It’s started with a picture I saw in a magazine. (Above)

So, everything you see on my face now is basically cosmetically enhanced.

Ok, I’m kidding. Aha.

Male cosmetic surgery is a trend that’s not going away since the 90s, and it’s becoming increasingly popular and common in recent years. It wasn’t just a rough statement made out of the number of ageing male celebrities we saw coming back to the silver screen with tighter faces (paging Mr Mickey Rourke). According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), there was almost 1 million cosmetic procedures done on male patients in 2012 – a 106% bump from year 1997.

I guess things are even more common when you’re in South Korea, the birthplace of K-Pop. Nip & tuck is slowly becoming a part of the Korean culture. There are too many before-and-after samples and videos on the Internet and you’d be surprised at how far technology has gone in the reign of aesthetic surgery. Some complicated operations which used to take hours have also reduced to mere 10-minute mini operations, or maybe just a few injections.

Here’s one video from a cosmetic surgery hospital in Korea named ID Plastic Surgery:

 On Men's Cosmetic Surgery

The male subject above may or may not need the surgery (but personally I do prefer the “after” look). A tagline in one of the videos:

We find your happiness. ID Hospital, where happier faces are discovered.

(Cosmetic Surgery vs Happiness. Fruit for thought?)

We are in no way encouraging or discouraging you in the case of cosmetic surgery. But really, if you’re given a chance to cosmetically enhance your face or your body without the worry of the bills, would you go for it?

A) No! Because I’m afraid people will look at me differently when they found out

B) No! I’m happy with my face/body now.

C) Yes!

D) No! The idea of changing my face, or putting something into my face is just terrifying

E) Yes and No! I’d go for the minimal-invasive enhancement, but not the major procedures.

F) __________ (Fill in the blank)

So which one are you?

  • Jim Ang

    Yes and no! minimal-invasive enhancement will do! =D

  • Keith

    E) Yes and No! I’d go for the minimal-invasive enhancement, but not the major procedures.

  • Ken

    Yes and No!

  • I’d go with E too!

  • March


  • HA

    if you really went for a plastic sugery, i’d say your doctor did a very bad job