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Jon Snow Curly Hair Men Curly Hair

I was born straight hair but I’m always fascinated by curly hair and wavy hairstyles. I especially love big curls that looks like layers and layers of ocean waves. With minimal effort, they always look carefree and effortlessly chic.

So I permed my hair curly once, and it turned out quite ok. It didn’t last for long though, because at that time my hair wasn’t long enough for an ideal perming work, and my hair grows really fast.

Stumbled upon some amazing photos recently, and I’m inspired to get some work done to my hair again. 🙂 Personally I prefer waves on the top part of my hair, and then cropped sides.

If you’re one of lucky guys who’re blessed with curly hair, embrace it! If you like curly hairstyles just like me, here’s some inspiration:

Jude Law Wavy Curly Blonde Men Curly Hair

Asian Men Curly Hairstyle Men Curly Hair

Brown Curly Hair Men Men Curly Hair

Curly Hair Men Style Men Curly Hair

Curly Hair Model Bryce Mathias Men Curly Hair

Curly Hair Model Justus Eisfeld Men Curly Hair

Curly Hairstyles Male Models Men Curly Hair

Curly Wavy American Crew Men Curly Hair

Marcus Neiman Curly Wavy Hair Men Curly Hair

Big Curly Top Wave

Curly and Short Hairstyle

Curly cropped hairstyle

Medium length Curly. Actor Diego Boneta

Model Carlos Ortiz with Curly Hair

Curly & Messy Hairstyle

Model Sean O'Pry with natural Curly Hair

Curly Top, Cropped Side Hairstyle

Wavy Hairstyle Blown Up Pompadour

Short Curly Hairstyle

Short Curly Hairstyle for Men

Simple Slick Wavy Hairstyle

Subtle Curly Hair

Wavy Top Part

Undercut with Wavy Top

Short Curvy Hair

Smaller Curls

Zac Efron Wavy Hairstyle

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