Layrite Pomade Review

Layrite Pomade Review Malaysia Layrite Pomade Review

Donnie Hawley hated the grease head, and so do us and most of the men when it comes to the washing part. But it’s definitely more painful for Donnie, who’s a barber serving countless mops of greasy hair at his Hawleywood’s Barber Shop. It’s as bad as giving a shoe cobbler a pair of leather boots covered in mud.

Layrite Pomade was created by Donnie to save himself some washing labour. Created after experimenting with different formulae on his clients, Layrite pomade is claimed to have strong holding power with the ability to be washed out with just plain water.

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A cool video about Donnie and his Hawleywood’s Barber Shop here:

 Layrite Pomade Review

We’re sent a sample of Layrite Original Pomade by KL Greaser.  Here’s a closer look:

Pomade Layrite Malaysia Review1 Layrite Pomade Review

Pomade Layrite Sample Layrite Pomade Review

Layrite Pomade Texture Layrite Pomade Review

Pomade Layrite Details Layrite Pomade ReviewIt looks like some edible orange-flavoured jelly.

After using Layrite for a few times, here’s some insights I’d like share:

What We Love

  • Very good holding power, even for this “Original” edition. There’s a “Super Hold” Edition.
  • Easily washed out. Just like the initial goal of Donnie for this product, you really can wash it out with just water. #Tested
  • Reasonably priced – RM60 for “Original”, RM 65 for “Super Hold”, RM 65 for “Super Shine”

Special Note

This is a very loveable product, but there’s one distinct characteristic that I can’t help but to notice – its very strong Vanilla smell. People around me actually noticed the smell when I’m wearing it.

At times, I felt like I was wearing a vanilla-flavoured bread on my head, but that’s still a very subjective preference. I might have been used to the mild soap smell of Suavecito.

If you’re ok with a rather strong vanilla-fragranced pomade, it is a great product.

To order, go here: KL Greaser. For Malaysian readers, you can contact KL Greaser @ +601-23714890.

Instagram: kl_greaser

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  • Keith

    Thanks for sharing & the link. Definitely going to buy it since u give a good review about it. The best of all, it can be washed with just water. (My hair is getting dry so I need to reduce the frequency of shampooing)

    • Do take note on the strong vanilla smell 🙂

      • Keith

        Shouldn’t be a problem. Unless it has pungent smell. haha

  • manik

    I am from Indonesia, where can I buy that in KL ( I have a plan to visit KL soon)

  • Jacqualine

    May I know which one is less grease? less oily? layrite or suavecito? thanks!

    • I’d say they are at the same level. 🙂 By the way they are both water-based

  • BryanM

    I came cross your blog when I looked for some pomade for my hard hair. This is exactly the article I need! Thx for the post, dude!