How To Style Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut How To Steps W How To Style Slicked Back Undercut

I love slicked back + undercut hairstyle because it’s a perfect combination of old and new. I’ve been wearing this hairstyle on and off since last year, especially when I ran out of new hairstyle idea haha (whoops, now that you know). It’s becoming a “standard” hairstyle nowadays, similar to how David Beckham’s fauxhawk used to be in the early 2000s, and the center-parted hairstyle in the 80’s.

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Undercut Hairstyle How To Style Slicked Back Undercut

It took me some time to actually figure out how to style a slicked back hair, and things changed when I discovered pomade (best invention after tissue paper) and a thing or two about certain requirements.

Normally, it’s easier to style if you have softer hair. If you have hard hair like me, do not despair. Here’s the tricks I learned:

  1. Only style your hair when your it’s completely dry (not damp)
  2. For best result, blow dry your hair before you style.
  3. Use gel wax pomade.
  4. Be generous with your pomade. You’ll need a lot to keep the shape throughout the day.
  5. Keep your hair at the top part long. It’s easier to slick your hair back if it’s long.
  6. Bring a comb with you so that you can re-style when needed.

Here’s a step-by-step pictorial guide of how I style my hair. I hope it’ll be useful to you. Drop your thoughts in the comments, and yes please, enlighten us if you have some tricks under your sleeves. 8)

Asian Men Hair Straight How To Style Slicked Back UndercutSans styling, sans pomade and sans all the best inventions haha
Men Hair Fringe Length How To Style Slicked Back UndercutGiving you an idea how long the bang/fringe is.

Men Hairstyle Fringe How To Style Slicked Back Undercut

Men Undercut Straight How To Style Slicked Back Undercut

Pomade Comb How To Style Slicked Back Undercut

You’ll need pomade (read their reviews here).

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Slicked Back Undercut Step 1 How To Style Slicked Back UndercutIt’s always better to use more.

Slicked Back Undercut Step 2 How To Style Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut Step 3 How To Style Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut Step 4

Slicked Back Undercut Step 5Spread it all over your hair.

Slicked Back Undercut Step 6

Slicked Back Undercut Step 7

Slicked Back Undercut Step 8Every single part.

Slicked Back Undercut Step 9

Slicked Back Undercut Step 10And make your hair STAND UP!
Slicked Back Undercut Step 11And you’ll look like me.
Slicked Back Undercut Step 12Take more if you need more. Make sure the whole head is sufficiently ‘pomade-ed’
Slicked Back Undercut Step 13I used to always forget about the back part.

Slicked Back Undercut Step 14

After your hair is covered in pomade, it’s time to start combing. What I’ll do: comb my hair in a way that makes all of them stand up!

Slicked Back Undercut Step 15

Slicked Back Undercut Step 16

Slicked Back Undercut Step 17

Slicked Back Undercut Step 18An unusual sight you don’t get to see everyday haha! Passable as a mega fauxhawk.

It’s time to start back-combing your hair into the final shape. Try not to “squeeze” the top or the pompadour part too much in the process.

Slicked Back Undercut Step 19

Slicked Back Undercut Step 20

Slicked Back Undercut Step 21

Slicked Back Undercut Step 22

Slicked Back Undercut Step 23The “flow” of the hair
Slicked Back Undercut Step 24Almost there

Slicked Back Undercut Step 25

At this point, most often than not, you’ll find some parts tend to fall apart easily (for me, it’s the longer hair on the left and the right edge), or your pompadour is not “tall” enough. That means you need more pomade. Here’s a little trick I learned:

Slicked Back Undercut Step 26Spread the pomade across your comb teeth.
Slicked Back Undercut Step 27Re-style the parts that need more pomade. For example, the pompadour.

If you need a taller pompadour, comb your front hair all the way up, and then gently “bend” it down with your comb or your fingers. Check all parts of your hair and apply more pomade and re-style if needed.

Slicked Back Undercut Step 28

Slicked Back Undercut Step 29

Slicked Back Undercut Step 30

Slicked Back Undercut Step 31

Slicked Back Undercut Step 32

Practise makes perfect. Just remember to use enough pomade and bring along a comb. πŸ™‚

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  • Allensecret

    Great demo..!

  • Ryan

    Nice! How do you tell the hairstylist to cut this hair?

    • Just told him that I wanted an “Undercut”.

  • lee

    how about the curly hair? is it suavecito suitable for this type of hair?

  • Rio Bond

    good job man! I always wanted this hair style! And now you just taught me how to do it myself exactly the way I want to! Kudos to you πŸ™‚

  • This is best nice smooth hair style.

  • Tantan Fajardo

    Thanks brooo!

  • zian

    hi bro. just want to ask, is this how it looks like after a haircut? im planning to save your pic in my phone to show it to a hair dresser everytime im planning to have a haircut since i really find it hard to explain it to a hair dresser always and he can’t get it. though i don’t usually use styling product in my hair, only a hair shine since i dont do tall hairstyle. can this haircut be style without a styling product? is it still look good? i just love clean it looks in the side yet still have the comble hair at the crown area. i love a easy manageable haircut……how about the back of the head is it shave like the side area? hope you reply….thanks for the posted photo…nice hair….

    • zian

      uhmmmm. by the way, i also have a thick hair… i like how the side of it so clean…i dont like seeing my hair so heavy and bulky at the times…. hehe…

      • Hi Zian, this undercut requires at least some styling (and styling product) or it’ll look a little lifeless and messy like the first picture. I do let it down when I feel too lazy to style, but mostly I would style because it looks so much better! If you don’t usually style your hair, I would say the level of easy-manageable rate is 6 out of 10 (10 is… well, for crew cuts, and my hair is very stubborn.) The back of the head is shaved.
        Extra note: if your hair grows really fast (like me), expect to visit salon or barber more frequently to trim the side and the back.

  • Nathan

    Hi i’m just wondering I really hate getting a short haircut and I want to at least to get to a stylish hair. I been growing it for a while, people ask me to cut it but I don’t want to. How long did you grow out yours? I been growing mine out for at least 5 months now. I wanted the rockabilly pompadour but I like this best. The thing is I heard doing these big bold hairstyles is not really good with thick hair, especially when it naturally curly hair. I just want to here you input on this.

    • I think I took… 3 months? My hair grows pretty fast. It’s actually “good” with thick hair because it gives better volume, but you’ll need more wax/pomade in the process. Wavy hair is ok, but I guess it’ll be harder to style really curly hair into this slicked back. The result may not look like what you expect. ANYWAY, you should give it a try! I don’t have curly hair so I can’t be sure. Would love to see the result.

  • boxbox

    Hey, I’m loving the look but I’m unsure what the back is suppose to look like before all the products are put in. Could you possibly post a picture of the back without the products? Thank you.

  • Chris Greene

    Hello! I was wondering what the measurements for the sides of your hair are? I can get the top just fine, but I’ve tried many barbers and none can seem to get my sides shaved just right. My hair is stubborn and if anything is left on the sides, it immediately sticks straight up everywhere but the top, which just looks awful /:

    • I’d normally go for clipper size 1, or sometimes size 2. Size 1 is the shortest that I can go in order to maintain the “undercut” look (as recommended by my hairstylist fren.) But my hair grows really fast so I’ll need to go back to get my side trimmed every 3 to 4 weeks. In the above picture, I think my hair was one week after the size 1 trim if not mistaken…

  • calvin

    Is it okay if you have really thick hair on the top of the head?

    • Yes it is ok. You’ll just need more pomade to tame your hair πŸ™‚

  • zim

    I just got this cut last night and I’m having difficulty keeping it in place all day using pomade. Is it supposed to come apart to an extent?

    • Yes, it’s supposed to come apart to certain extent, that’s why having a comb with you is really helpful. However, how fast it’ll come apart depends on two things:
      1) How much pomade you applied and your styling technique (Maybe you didn’t apply enough?)
      2) The pomade’s strength (Maybe you need something stronger? Maybe certain brand isn’t as strong as it claimed.)
      Really strong pomade can hold almost a day sometimes. But oil-based pomade probably can do a better job. Normally I’ll just touch up a little whenever I’m in the toilet so it’s not bad for me.

  • Curious

    Hi i want to achieve this for both sides but i always wind up having one side like that and the other side different.. That is i dont want a side part like yours. Do you know how to achieve both sides like depicted in the picture?

    • Your hair on the top part needs to be longer, and you’ll need to apply more pomade. I’ve been a side-parted for a very long time so my hair tend to fall to one side. But when I really want to achieve the “no-parting” style, I’ll just apply more pomade to hold it all in the “middle.” (Hope you understand what I meant aha!)

      • r41nier

        what do you mean by top part? is it front part of the back part or both?

  • Lightning Farron

    This is amazing. My bro and I have undercuts, mine a bit longer since I’m a girl. But this looks amazing. Gonna order us some Suavecito soon! Fabulous tutorial! πŸ˜€

  • Theo

    Cheers! Can you tell me aproximately the lenght of the hair on top. I’m really in between haircuts right now, just got a horrible one that I can’t style(the hair is too short) and I just can’t wait to grow my hair a little longer. From what I saw in the pics, the fringe about 10cm in lenght? By the way, I hate the fact that since I have seborrheic dermatitis, I can’t use so many styling products. The are so many classic hairstyles that are coming back and I can’t try them because they require a ton of hair product (I have thick hair, just like yours).

    • Yes it’s 10cm, or maybe longer. The longer your hair on top, the easier it is to style it into the slicked back. (More length = more weight to “hold down” the top part from “standing” back up.) Sorry bout your skin condition though. But how about water-based pomade? Personally, my skin is prone to acne so I only use water-based pomade.

      • Theo

        I don’t know, I haven’t tried water-based pomade. I’ve stylied my hair so far with gel, mousse, wax and styling cream. So far the best results I’ve got with gel and mousse. Wax and cream just make my hair sticky.

  • Adrache

    Bro I like your styling thanks for the tip

  • ALex

    I need to try to style my hair with pomade. I mostly use the pastes which work but dont hold for that much. Thanks for the great walk-thrue.

  • ali.C

    I see many that rock this style. Looking from the back, I general see 2 results. One, which is the majority, has like a patch of hair slapped on the back from the top (where the long hair covers the undercut.). The other, which I think looks much better, has a nice transition, where the longer hair manage to fade perfectly into the short.

    My question is, how is the latter done? Becasue I can only achieve the former. I think it’s the haircut itself. Is it? if so, would you be able to explain how?
    I see that yours is somewhere in between.
    Thank you in advanced,

    • Hi Ali, the second style is created using a haircut technique/skill called “Fade” – hairs near the neck (or back of the head) are trimmed in short and then their length increases gradually towards the top of head. You can ask for the “Fade” style and communicate that to your barbers/hairstylists and I think they will understand.

  • poompthepomp

    I was wondering if you could explain to me a bit how you styled the back of your hair?? I try to style mine slicked back, or even side parted, but when I do I always have this bunch of hair that gives serious alfalfa in the back, on the crown of my hair.

  • Vu Vy

    Hey, what type or color of hair dye do you have on your hair?

    • It’s brown and done by hairstylist at salon.