How to Iron Clothes Properly?

How To Iron Clothes Shirt Men How To Iron Clothes Properly?

Much like the lost art of traditional shaving, not all young men know how to iron clothes today – especially when their fathers don’t even do it themselves. I’m an example of spoiled rat in that sense (thanks mom! Or maid) and it wasn’t something passed down to me naturally, until that one day in my senior high when everybody was too busy to iron my shirt for my next school day.

No, I didn’t burn a hole that day. The temperature of my iron wasn’t even near dangerous (haha!) and I spent nearly 30 minutes on just one shirt, trying to avoid the fore-mentioned.

My sis took over and I was very impressed by her ironing prowess but at the same time, bewildered, “How do you know this is the correct way to do it?”

“That’s how our mom taught me. And I actually modified it a bit because I think it’s more logical to iron like this,” she said and proceeded to brandish the iron like a sifu. I guess everybody has their own style when it comes to ironing.

The idea of ironing your own shirts and pants may seem a little farfetched when you already have a maid or if you’ve been sending your clothes to the laundry service. But if you’re doing your own laundry and ironing, here’s a very useful video I found on how to do it properly.

 How To Iron Clothes Properly?

 How To Iron Clothes Properly?

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