How I Choose Perfume

How To Choose Perfume Men How I Choose Perfume

I love perfumes and colognes, and I wear them almost 24/7 – I don’t leave house without a few spritzs, and maybe 1 simple dap when I’m at home.

I was on a lookout for a new fragrance recently because the current bottle was almost empty, and I have to admit I was really overwhelmed by the cheer amount of choices out there. I’ve finally decided on a Dolce & Gabbana “The One” released in 2008.

Dolce Gabbana Malaysia How I Choose Perfume

Having purchased only 5 perfumes so far (didn’t keep the bottles of the first two), I’m far from a perfume fanatic, and I certainly have not been following all the super detailed commandments as told by the perfume experts or perfumers (e.g. test a perfume thoroughly from the top note to the base note, which will take almost a day for just one perfume. I’m impatient I know.).

Having said that, I’ve been getting perfumes that I really like, as well as compliments from people around me on my choices.

If you’re having problem deciding on which perfume, here’s how I’ve learned to maneuver through the sea of perfumes and colognes:

Avoid Advertising

Jean-Claude Ellena, a “nose” or perfumer who used to work for Hermès said so, and I believe so. Prints and ads don’t speak much for the smell of a perfume. The actual smell might be the complete opposite of what you expect from seeing the advertisement.

Your Personality

A young man who’s sporty and athletic is different from a man who’s older, matured and  sophisticated, and so they smell differently. For example, I’m not at all sporty and so I rarely consider sporty fragrance. (Take note on the word “Sports” on the naming. It may not speaks for the perfume, but still.)

Know Your Fragrance Family

Fragrance Wheel Family Men How I Choose Perfume

Fragrances are typically categorised into 4 families, and it is very helpful once you’ve identified the family that you like. Having a favourite family helps narrow down the scope of your options, and it’ll be a lot easier for when you’re getting recommendations from the staff.

If you’re new to fragrances, visit for some lights. It’s a great site to do top-down research as well as checking the ingredients of the perfumes.

Personally I’ve been loving Fresh (Versace Pour Homme), and it was only recently that I started trying Woody (“The One”)

Skin Test

A perfume can smell differently on different medium: on the test paper, on your own skin, and on others’ skin. Some men have oily skin and some have dry skin, and that affects the smell and the longevity of the perfumes.

Bottle Design

Ok this might not be relevant at all, but I actually do take this into consideration. Haha!

Dolce Gabbana The One Men How I Choose Perfume


So, how do you choose the one (pun intended)? What fragrance are you wearing? I’m interested. 🙂

Image: Fragrance Wheel from 1

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  • Keith

    I always love fresh notes. Citrus & fruity is always my choice

    • I see. What’s the name of the fragrance u r wearing now? 🙂

      • Keith

        I love to collect perfume. Most of the times I’m wearing CK Crave, Burberry sport, Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul, Givenchy play sport & Hugo Boss Red.
        But sometimes I change with spicy smell for variety such as Paco Rabanne 1 Million, Issey Miyaki Gold Absolute, CK Euphoria men & Guess seductive.

        • Wow that’s a lot! #amazed And which one is worn most often or your absolute favourite? I wanna go try…

          • Keith

            Burberry sport at day time & guess seductive at night time. But if im at home I just wear my Adidas dynamic pulse & The Face Shop soul essential for men. They still smell nice with cheaper $$$. Hehehe

          • Hehe I see. Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Kopi Ais

    I like sweet and fresh, wearing Prada Candy and sometime Mont Blanc Individuel Femme 😉

    • Yup saw Prada on ur instagram! 😛


    I do favor the woody scent of DSquared Woods: Rocky Mountains. Do you have another woody wonder that i can try?

    • Encre Noire Lalique, but I’ve not tried. 🙂

  • Bryan

    I am a fresh and citrus / fruity fragrance lover, D & G The One is my first woody and oriental fragrance.

    Still remembering the day when I sniff it and was totally hook. It is a very sexy scent!! I bought it after the scent lingering in my head for a few months haha!

    I will be using this scent mostly during the evening or on a cool rainy day. Just a spray or two is enough to last the whole day!

    Another scent which got me hooked recently is Jo Loves – A Shot Of Oud Over Mango. The moment you spray it on your skin, the scent of ripe mango rushing to your nose and quickly after this, the mysterious woody scent of oud comes in. It’s the perfect marriage of fruity and woody notes!