Hair Color for Tanned Asian Skin

Hair Color For Dark Tanned Asian Hair Color For Tanned Asian Skin

This is experiment no. 42341231 of my ongoing color adventure. We’ve talked about skin color, undertone and color matching, but as far as I can drill through Google, there isn’t much examples for tanned and dark asian men like me. (If you have fair skin and feeling adventurous – enter “KPOP”)

One lesson I learned as a tanned and dark skin Asian is to make sure the hair color is always darker or different from the skin color, otherwise I would turn out looking like a block of walking caramel candy. In my case, light -medium blonde is on the banned list.

Asian Men Avoid Hair Color Hair Color For Tanned Asian SkinHair color too close to skin color.

Before I decided to be forever damned to dark blonde and black hair, how about… some red?

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