Gucci Guilty "Black" now in Malaysia

Gucci Guilty Black Malaysia Gucci Guilty "Black" Now In Malaysia

Remember the Sin-City-ish and sizzling Gucci ad starring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood? Now the heat is back with the sequel of the Gucci Guilty fragrance line: Gucci Guilty “Black”.

Gucci Guilty Black por Homme remain seductive like the original line, but this fougère is younger and more adventurous. Some commented that it is stronger and spicier.

Gucci Guilty Black Men Malaysia Gucci Guilty "Black" Now In Malaysia

Watch the ad:

I really like the Gucci necklace Chris Evans is wearing

You can find out more about this fragrance on Gucci’s beautiful Youtube Page. You can even order a sample:

Gucci Guilty Youtube Campaign Gucci Guilty "Black" Now In Malaysia

Gucci Guilty “Black” For Men is now available at Gucci Malaysia:

  • RM314, 90ml
  • RM240, 50ml
  • RM190 30ml

Already tried it? Well I’ve yet to get my hand on it. Let me know how it is. 🙂

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