For Your Beardspiration: Hashtag #flower-beard

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After when the angelic Lana Del Rey’s done with floral headgears, and Mayo Town’s done with Movember, fake moustache and floral shirts, the beardy Y-chromosome on the Internet decided that it’s our time again to shine with more floral-adorned shit.

Enter “Flower Beard“.

Who would have known men are capable of giving birth to organic floral foams? Talk about eco-friendly fashion.

Images from Tumblr


  • Marlee Banta

    Hello there!

    My name is Marlee Banta. I am a photographer
    from Portland, Or. The 3rd photograph being used, with the man covering his eyes, is a photograph of mine that I originally posted on my personal
    Flickr account at
    with “All Rights Reserved” sometime last Fall. Unfortunately, Tumblr
    made it go viral without credit to my name or my Flickr site. I would
    love if you guys continued to use this photograph but maybe with a
    little credit to my name and site. It would mean a lot.

    Hope to hear back from you guys and hope that we can work it out in both of our favors. Thanks for your time.

    All the best,

    Marlee Meghan Banta

    • Hi Marlee,
      Thank you so much for informing and letting us to continue using your work. We’ve updated the caption to include link to your Flickr page. 🙂