Derma-Rx Skincare: 4 Months

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19 weeks (or 4 months and a half) into using Derma-Rx, my skin continues to look as good as the day when I answered my own question of whether the products really work. The last time I visited the Malaysia branch at Sri Hartamas, I did a facial. This time, I was there for a follow-up review with Dr Jason and product replenishment.

The products have been giving me a healthy and clear skin – almost like a panacea to all my skin problems. However, my deep down wish of wanting a completely oil-free face (as in 95% oil-free) isn’t fully answered just yet.

After consulting Dr Jason, we hypothesised that I probably have been overdosing one of the products, which is the the Comedone Formula (it’s in the gallery above.) Comedone Formula is specially formulated to control oily skin problem, and Dr Jason is using it himself. A close inspection of his facial skin showed me the result of how the CF should have performed normally. And he said:

“I like how dry it makes my skin feels.”

** “Dry” as in the oil-free type of dry, not dehydrated

I guess maybe I really did overdose it. Haha.

I’m cutting down the dosage currently, looking forward to see if it brings any changes in the future. Wishing for the days when I can finally just leave my oil-control films at home!

All in all, Derma-Rx really did upgrade the health level of my facial skin, and subsequently my confident when presenting my face as well. Give it a try if you’re having facial skin problem, or you just want to have a healthier skin.

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