Derma-Rx Skincare: Does it work?

Derma Rx Before After Review Derma Rx Skincare: Does It Work?

“Doctor… Is there any other way than getting enough sleep?” I asked embarrassingly.

No” answered Dr Jason “… And why don’t you sleep?”

Of course. I was just trying my luck  to find out if there’s any shortcut to a great skin that can bypass my habit of skimping on sleep aha. Without commitment to change my sleeping habit, I didn’t put in much expectation when I first started using DRx products.

Your skin reflects your body’s condition, and I guess there’s a limit to how much you can do to your outer shield when you’re not really physiologically healthy from the inside. (But hey, I’ve just made “Sleep 7 hours everyday” a top item on my 2014 resolution list ok?)

After 4 weeks of using Derma-Rx products, I would say the result surprised me as I least expected it. No new breakout within the 4 weeks, and I think the products cleared up my skin quite noticeably (e.g. the acne dark spots and imbalanced skin tone) even though I slept for about 4 to 6 hours most days during that 4 weeks.

As a visual reminder for myself of how my skin can always look better (no I’m-not-a-celebrity-or-model excuse) and also as a research specimen for you if you’re planning to try out Derma-Rx, above I attached a super huge high-res picture for comparison (click the picture to see high-res version).

Note: The “Before” photo was taken by DRx staff in the clinic for future comparison purpose and here is the scanned copy, while the “after” photo was taken personally at home. There’s a difference in terms of lighting. Both faces were sans products.

My favourite part: no photoshop required to get rid of acne or spots so far. Here’s a sample from previous photoshot. No photoshop or whatsoever on this photo (click to see HD high-res version. Check out my skin and ignore the funny smile haha):

IMG 5109 Derma Rx Skincare: Does It Work?

The prescribed products:

Derma Rx Regime Men Derma Rx Skincare: Does It Work?Still far from reaching a crazy amount of products, I supposed. Aha.

In terms of oily skin problem, it’s mitigated but I do still notice shiny skin issue, which we suspected was because of the sunscreen. However, a different sunscreen was prescribed during the second review visit and I’m hoping to see improvement.

I’m pretty satisfied with how my face looks now, and somehow grew a little bit more narcissistic than usual (ok maybe just a few extra mili-seconds in front of any mirror surface ahem) Looking forward to see the result again in a few more months.

So what do you think of the result?

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