Very Classy: The Fade Hairstyles

After almost 2 years of on-and-off spotting an undercut hairstyle, I’m officially done with it.

What’s next? I’ve just settled down with a fade haircut. It’s a simple, classy and timeless hairstyle. More importantly, it’s very easy to manage. Or sometimes, I don’t really manage it at all. (As with other things that come with age, my tolerance threshold for allowing my hair to look messy in the public might have increased just a little. Ahem.)

Barber Making Fade Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesBarber making a fade. Image by @dannyandcobarbers

The fade hairstyle is the more generic brother of the undercut hairstyle. In fact, undercut hairstyle is a variation of fade haircuts, and there are many types of fades: high fade, low fade, regular fade etc. In essence, a fade haircut is a hairstyle with hair on the sides and the back of your head gradually tapered in length until the hair is completely shaven (or not, depending on your fade style.) The top part is where you can have fun – curly, straight, messy, wavy, spiky… you name it.

Another reason why I really love about fade haircuts is how they can easily smarten-up any man without too much changes and styling. See example below:

Fade Hairstyle Before And After Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesImage by @alan_beak Instagram

If you’re looking for a simple, classic yet modern-looking haircut, why not go fade? Here we’ve compiled a gallery of fade hairstyle inspirations:

1 Fade Haircut With Medium Length Messy Top Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesFade haircut with medium length messy top
2 Mid Fade With Short Messy Top Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesMid fade with short messy top
3 High Fade With Classic Pomp Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesHigh fade with classic pomp
4 Regular Fade With Long Wavy Top Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesRegular fade with long wavy top
5 High Fade With Short Textured Top Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesHigh fade with short textured top
6 Low Fade With Long Textured Top Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesLow fade with long textured top
7 Regular Fade With Side Parted Top Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesRegular fade with side parted top
8 High Fade With Crop Top Very Classy: The Fade HairstylesHigh fade with crop top
High fade with quiffHigh fade with quiff
High fade bowl cut topHigh fade bowl cut top
Medium fade with side parted topMedium fade with side parted top
High fade with caesar cut topHigh fade with caesar cut top
High fade with ultra short topHigh fade with ultra short top
Low fade with curly topLow fade with curly top
Regular fade with textured medium topRegular fade with textured medium top
High fade with sweep back topHigh fade with sweep back top
High fade with spikesHigh fade with spikes
Regular fade with classic side partedRegular fade with classic side parted
High fade with military buzz cutHigh fade with military buzz cut
Regular fade with curly short topRegular fade with curly short top
Skin fade with wavesSkin fade with waves
High fade with heavy topHigh fade with heavy top
High fade with side parted quiffHigh fade with side parted quiff
High fade with slicked back topHigh fade with slicked back top

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