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Why Love Hair Colour Men Hair Colouring & I Love ItMan with Natural Red Hair = Ginger

It’s no secret that I love coloured hair. I’d dye my hair 2 times out of the 3 times I go to saloon.

Most people would tell you that Asian men always look best in their natural jet black hair. Personally I think some men can look better in other hair colours.

Psy Gangnam Black Hairstyle Hair Colouring & I Love ItPsy looking good in default black hair, though

In the end of the day, it’s all about personal preferences. While some men prefer being au naturale, I prefer coloured because from my experience, some hair colours help to highlight my face. They make me look much more vibrant and “awake“.

If you haven’t, you should really try changing your hair colour. You’ll be surprised by how much a right hair colour can impact your overall look.

Choosing the Right Hair Colour

“Ok, so what colour is the right colour for me?”

I’d say you really have to experiment with it. 🙂

FYI, I’ve dyed my hair blonde, ash, blue (which later turned into green) and ginger (or something close to red) and I’m still experimenting.

Max Ash Ginger Hair Color Hair Colouring & I Love ItMy current hair color: Ash
Max Asian Black Hair Color Hair Colouring & I Love ItMy Natural Black Colour

I understand you won’t want to mess with your hair like how I did. So, my best advice:

Consult your hairstylist or your hair-colourist. Go to those who can really suggest you colours (not asking you colour.)

Having said that, here’s what I’ve figured out through out my experiments so far:

  • If you’re very tanned, the safe hair colour would be dark blonde or brown.
    This always works on me. The colour should be subtle, and slightly lighter than your natural hair colour, but darker than your skin tone.
    (My current colour turned out to be similar to my skin tone so honestly it’s not really the best colour I’ve ever had.)
  • If your skin is fair, you can try almost any colour that you like.
    This is what my hairstylist told me.
  • But then again, only choose colour that you really can carry.
    Platinum blonde? I think it’s best to leave it to K-pop stars. You can, but you need to have the style to match.
Asian Man Platinum Blonde Hair Colouring & I Love ItPlatinum Blonde. Can you handle it?
Also, some hair colour knowledge I learned:
  • There’s no such thing as “Black hair.” Asian has really REALLY dark brown hair, not black hair.
    My hairstylist told me this. Technically, there’s no “jet black” hair naturally.
  • The end result will not look exactly like the hair colour you saw on the catalog
    That’s because everybody’s hair is different in terms of the amount of colour pigment. Personal experience. So, be prepared.
  • Your hair colour will look most vibrant when your hair is dry and under direct light
    You hair colour appears differently under different environment, so it’s not that your hairstylist gave you the wrong colour.
    Your hair colour will appear a shade darker when your hair is wet, or when your surrounding is not well-litted.

Here’s a few photos of inspiration:

Yunho Max Changmin Korean Artist Hair Hair Colouring & I Love It

Top Korean Brown Hair Hair Colouring & I Love ItDark Brown Hair Colour
Super Junior Siwon Dark Brown Hair Colouring & I Love ItDark Brown
Kimkibum Dark Blonde Hair Colouring & I Love ItDark Brown
Dalmatian Simon Dark Blonde Hair Colouring & I Love ItDark Blonde
Asian Blonde Undercut Slicked BackBlonde Undercut
Sunny Hill's Jang Hyun Grey HairGrey Hair
2PM Taecyeon Dark Brown HairDark Brown
Jaejoong Auburn HairAuburn

Hope you enjoy this post.

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