Classy Men’s Hairstyle: The Undercut

2012 Men Hairstyle Trend Classy Mens Hairstyle: The Undercut2012 Men’s Hairstyle Trend: The Undercut

It’d be kind of unusual to spot this hairstyle on the streets years ago, but you can tell the Undercut trend has returned in full swing when you can spot it almost everywhere in KL.

In my recent vacation trip to Malacca, I’ve seen herds of hipsters rocking this look. To be honest, some wear it fabulously, while some don’t.

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What is an Undercut

Dictionary check: “Undercut“: to cut away material from so as to leave a portion overhanging, as in carving or sculpture – Yes, this is what an Undercut hairstyle is, technically. Very short or clipped sides, with longer length on top, a vintage hairstyle dated back to the 1920s and 1930s.


Men Undercut Curly Top Classy Mens Hairstyle: The UndercutI Love Curly Top 🙂
Men Undercut Very Long Top Side Classy Mens Hairstyle: The UndercutUndercut with Very Long Top
Undercut Slight Long Hair Classy Mens Hairstyle: The UndercutUndercut with Slightly Longer Top
Classic Undercut Classy Mens Hairstyle: The UndercutA very classic undercut
Undercut Long Slick Back Classy Mens Hairstyle: The UndercutWith Long Top slicked backward
Undercut Forward Classy Mens Hairstyle: The UndercutUndercut and down forward
Blonde Undercut Classy Mens Hairstyle: The UndercutBlond Undercut

Personally, I think the slicked-back undercut look works on all face shapes. However, the success or failure of carrying this look depends very much on your hair type.

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For Asian with straight and silky hair (e.g. me), it is often very difficult to style a slicked backward look. Personally I’ve been wearing this look and I’d normally just let my hair down and style my top part to the side. It calls for more effort than you’d have imagine for me to do the slicked-backward style.

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