10 Things I Learned About Earrings

Men Earrings Tips Fashion Style2 10 Things I Learned About Earrings

I stopped wearing earrings just about the time when I decided that I wanted a more mature, clean and less-things-going-on look (if you don’t already know, I’m getting closer to 30.)

Not to say wearing earrings is something less than being mature, but staying chic and tasteful while wearing it gets trickier as a man ages.

Philip Crangi Earrings Portrait 10 Things I Learned About EarringsThe very stylish Philip Crangi, Jewelery designer

I’ve been wearing earrings for the past 5 years, and it isn’t very long if compared to some other people. Nonetheless, these are the tips that I noticed and learned:

  1. Wearing earrings change how people feel about you.
    It might seems like just a small piece of accessory and tiny fun, but from my personal experience, it changes your look and feel quite drastically – people will always notice your earrings!
  2. Shiny earrings never goes well with shiny face.
    For example, diamond never looks good on oily face.
  3. Left or Right?
    The clichè unsaid rule.
  4. There are “hypoallergenic earrings”
    Hypoallergenic means less likely to cause allergic.
  5. Plastic earrings are not chic
    I avoid at all cost. It’s either silver, gold, stainless steel or any metal.
  6. Dangle earrings are never chic
  7. And the same goes to Ear Gauges.
  8. Size is very important.
    Nothing too big.
  9. Never let babies or infants play / get close to your ears wearing earrings
    Very random, but if you’re going to be a father or have a lot of kids in your family, you’ll thank me later.
  10. Earrings cleaning is always a must.
    I know many men who wear the same earrings almost 24/7 and never really clean it. To motivate you a little, ahem, see earring infection.

Do you have any tip or interesting story about earrings that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comment. 🙂

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