Valextra "North South" Leather Tote Bag

Valextra Leather Tote Bag Valextra "North South" Leather Tote Bag

80-year-old Milanese luxury brand Valextra specialises in subtle luxury. You can tell by just looking at their bags and luggages – any form of branding is hardly noticeable (or none at all) – and their bags are just beautiful, beautiful, like this Valextra Leather Tote Bag.

Big but still classy, this calfskin tote is a versatile carry-all bag for both formal and casual settings. One point to note about this bag: it features “snap buttons” on both sides of the bag that allows capacity expansion. This bag can go up to 16 litres in volume. It’s a clever feature to maximise the usability of this bag. I have had the situation where I wanted to carry a bag when I go out but sometimes I don’t actually have enough “stuff” to justify carrying a bag. It will feel like I’m carrying an empty bag. (Do ya know what I’m saying?)

Just like a pair of good leather shoes, you can expect the leather of this bag to age well with time.

Valextra Leather Tote Bag Front Valextra "North South" Leather Tote Bag

Valextra Leather Tote Bag Size Valextra "North South" Leather Tote Bag

Retailed at $2,260, this timeless bag has a price tag that matches the brand’s reputation and quality. If you’ve got the budget, go for this.

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