FENDI x RIMOWA: The New Red & Blue Edition

Fendi Rimowa New Color FENDI X RIMOWA: The New Red & Blue Edition

RIMOWA started the partnership with FENDI in November 2017 when the luxury luggage brand released a FENDI logo-cladded aluminium cabin trolley suitcase that sent FENDI fans into frenzy.

This month, RIMOWA introduced 2 new FENDI x RIMOWA luggages: the blue and the red edition. The new editions features RIMOWA’s new visual identity, while the original aluminium yellow edition is updated with the new logo style. FENDI x RIMOWA luggage now comes with a new paper plane-like charm, Airbag, made entirely in Cuoio Romano leather in matching color.

Fendi Rimowa Luggage FENDI X RIMOWA: The New Red & Blue Edition

The new FENDI x RIMOWA is now available in selected FENDI and RIMOWA stores and also on fendi.com.

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