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Andy Warhol said this:

“My favorite thing to buy is underwear. I think buying underwear is the most personal thing you can do, and if you could watch a person buying underwear you would really get to know them. I mean, I would rather watch somebody buy their underwear than read a book they wrote. I think the strangest people are the ones who send someone else to buy their underwear for them. I also wonder about people who don’t buy underwear. I can understand not wearing it, but not buying it?”

When it comes to underwear shopping, I honestly don’t remember the last time I picked up some at a physical store. I’m really that Gen-Y creature whose life relies so much on the Internet and a computer. A few clicks actually save quite some traveling and time, and men don’t usually choose underwear like choosing a pair of new jeans

So if you’re the one who buys underwear for yourself (or you don’t?), here’s a new bookmark for you: UnderU.com

Underu Online Store UnderU.com

Remember the first Calvin Klein underwear ad featuring Marky Mark and Kate Moss back in the early 90s?

It was a great marketing success of creating the men’s designer underwear market. It turned men who didn’t really care about the brand into Calvin Klein underwear fans, making designer-clad derriere a common sight at your gym’s lockers room today.


(The infamous Calvin Klein men’s underwear ad during Super Bowl this year)

14 years in the online business, and revamped and relaunched in February this year – UnderU is an experienced online store for premium men’s intimate apparel who’s no stranger to this emerging designer underwear market.

Based in Ware, England, with 40+ licensed brands (including International labels like Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren etc) and around 10,000 products available on the store (from underwear, swimwear to pajamas), it’s safe to say UnderU is one of the most comprehensive (and packed) underwear online store I’ve encountered so far.

Underu Brands UnderU.com

When you think premium brands underwear can’t get any more affordable, UnderU offer seasonal sales that can go up to 50% discount sometimes. #AllAboutTiming

Boxers or Briefs?

Here’s what I’d buy (and so the answer. According to Andy Warhol, now you know me better than reading my blog. Aha!):

C500x578 UnderU.com


Drop by UnderU.com and take a look at their offerings, and you can also follow them on:

Here’s a little piece of advice I always tell myself about underwear: Always wear your best underwear to avoid embarrassing yourself during some unexpected moments.

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  • Keith

    Underwear is not something too personal nowadays. Before this everyone seems to be embarassing to show their underwear. But now it’s a part of fashion. Showing underwear band in under a good pair of jeans is very nice to see. I like underwear made from spandex. It’s cooling way better than cotton. And yes, everyone should wearing their best underwear to avoid embarassing during unexpected moment.
    Andy Warhol is right. But I’d like to add more: not only the types of underwear u wear, but also how u “park” it. Lol. Just joking.
    P/s: maybe u should post a pic of u wearing ur underwear. Haha

    • HAHAHAHA thanks for the pic idea but NOOO!