William Baldwin for Sacoor Brothers Spring/Summer 2013

Sacoor Brothers Ss2013 Malaysia William Baldwin William Baldwin For Sacoor Brothers Spring/Summer 2013

Remember William Baldwin for Sacoor Brothers last year?

Well this year, Mr Baldwin worked with Sacoor Brothers again, by starring in Sacoor Brothers Spring/Summer 2013 collection lookbook.

The collection was inspired by “Tennis” game, as well as this very chic pastel color palette:

Sacoor Brothers Color Palette William Baldwin For Sacoor Brothers Spring/Summer 2013

Looking at these pictures, I couldn’t help but to wonder. So I fired up Chrome, typed in “William Baldwin” and press ENTER – Ok, he’s really 50. He certainly is looking fabulous for his age.

While working for the second campaign, Sacoor Brothers had a little chat with Mr Baldwin and talked about the collaboration:

So William, this is your second campaign with Sacoor Brothers. Were you excited to be working with Sacoor Brothers again?

When I got word that I was doing the campaign again for a second time, I was very, very honored and very thrilled to be a part of it again, because one thing that Moez Sacoor does, better than anybody else that I’ve ever worked with, is put together a team that feels like a family.

He is one of four brothers of the Sacoor brothers in the fashion industry. And I’m one of the four Baldwin brothers in the entertainment industry. I think those 4 get along a lot better than we do. If I ever thought of us doing a business together, where we were together like 365 days a year, it would never work. We would have killed each other by now!

When you work with Moez and Sacoor Brothers, there’s a real feeling of fraternity and camaraderie and family. Family is the word, I would say, that is at the core of what drives him and of what drives the family’s success.

What do you think of the new Sacoor Brothers Spring Summer Collection?

There’s so much to like about this Sacoor Brothers Collection. It’s just got great lines and is very sophisticated, very elegant. It seems like it’s got a couple of different influences – part of the line, is very sort of Hamptons, sort of country casual and part of it is very sophisticated and very elegant like Armani.

So today we are shooting the tennis-themed spring summer Sacoor Brothers collection. Do you play tennis? 

I can play. I was never formerly trained or anything. However I did a film called “The Squid and the Whale” years ago and I actually played a tennis pro! So I had to take a couple of lessons for that.

Have you ever done any other work in the fashion industry?

Yes, I have. I’ve done some shoots for Gianfranco Ferre, for Calvin Klein, for Levis, for Armani. I was in Paris and Milan when I was right out of college and I was studying acting and I sort of did some commercials and print work. I did a Calvin Klein jeans campaign once. And I did some fashion shows – I did an Armani show once.

How do you compare a photo shoot like this one to a movie shoot?

Well, this is a big production. I’ve worked on some commercials that were smaller than this, some were bigger. I’ve worked on some independent films, where the crew was about the same size as the crew of this print campaign, so… It’s very short lived when you do a print campaign like this.

Sometimes you shoot for a week, but you usually shoot for 2 or 3 days. But again, because it starts at the top with Moez and with the Sacoor Brothers, and then it ripples down, they really create a culture and a spirit of unity and bonding and family, so… You really do connect with each other only in the 2 days or 3 days of working together.

Do you think that an actor inherently makes a good model and vice versa?

Well, there is a lot of crossover between modeling and acting. My agency that I first signed with actually had a special division with all the modeling agencies in New York City for those models that were interested in trying to cultivate a career as an actor in film or television. And my agent alone represented Kathleen Turner, my brother Alec, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Christopher Reeve, Demi Moore… they all came out of soap operas. He represented all these people and helped launch their careers from modeling to soap operas, to gigantic stardom.

To see more of the latest Spring/Summer 2013 collection, you may head to Sacoor Brothers @ Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, or visit the newly revamped official website: http://www.sacoor.com/

Hope you’ll find something you like in the latest collection. My favourite is always hinted in the first picture of the post. 🙂

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