Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit

1 Sacoor Brothers Suit Gray Navy Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit

I picked up my suit during the second visit to Sacoor Brothers Malaysia at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

I was excited and glad about it, but truth be told, I was also kind of worried because given my small frame (169cm, 60kg,) I hope I wasn’t giving the team a hard time trying to cut away those extra fabrics from the original suit while maintaining the original aesthetic. (They are Euro size) 

But after I tried the customized suit at the boutique, I have to say I’m happy with the end result. 🙂

3 Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit

I chose a navy / gray suit because I think it’s simple, basic and versatile. It’s something that you can really wear to almost any formal occasion (Office, wedding, company dinner, special events & etc) and it should work with all your other staples. (#LessonLearned Read #Wardrobe101)

I’m also having this funny idea I’m not sure if you agree with me: If a cafè is famous for coffee, then you should just order Black Coffee in the simplest form because it can tell you everything. 🙂

4 Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The SuitI went for mini-check, Light Navy shirt

5 Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit

6 Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit

7 Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit

8 Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit“50% Viscose, 50% Polyester”

I’m size 46! It’s the smallest size in Sacoor Brothers. 😛

9 Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit

10 Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit

11 Sacoor Brothers Malaysia: The Suit

Sacoor Brothers Buttons

Purple Tie by Sacoor Brothers

It took me quite a long time to decide on this tie. Overwhelmed by too many choices.

Silk Tie Malaysia - Sacoor Brothers

I love the look without the suit as well. I think the whole set blends well with what I’ve already had in my wardrobe. What do you think?

Thank you Sacoor Brothers Malaysia. 🙂

Sacoor Brothers is now open at Pavilion, Fashion Avenue Level 2, Kuala Lumpur.

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  • Daniel Chiam (@room8five)

    Bro you are awesomely good looking man! I want to make a suit to one day xD

    Btw I found someone that has a same interest with you.

    • Thanks! Yea I found out this blog too. Shahzeeq. He’s definitely super pro in suit o_o

  • Mat Amin

    my my…you look dashing in that suit!!!
    definitely a keeper

  • Dennis Lee

    Slim fit suit… hmmm… and shouldn’t you leave the last button unbuttoned?

    Anyway, nice suit, how much it costs?

    • Thank you! The suit MYR 1675, the shirt MYR 325 and the tie MYR 250. 🙂

  • Imran Sheik

    Is this tailor made? You just bought the ready made one. The price is the same?

    • Hi Imran,

      No, it’s not tailor-made. You’ll choose one ready-made suit and Sacoor Brothers will customise it according to your measurement. 🙂