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In my last full-time job as a Web Developer in a company, I got to know this very kind co-worker named John. Well, not the John Doe‘s kind of John because he exists and was sitting in front of me.

Most of the co-workers I know who’ve worked with him surely can testify these words I will always use to describe him: kind-hearted, calm, natural, shy, helpful, mild like a vanilla, always smiling, harmless like a bunny and a little mysterious (and that’s because he hardly reveals too much info about himself.)

Be it attending to a last minute work or fixing a mind-killing IE bug that seems like a mystery of the universe, I’ve never once seen him lose his temper. Not even ONE frustrated face throughout the 4 years I’ve worked with him.

“This is such a rare kind of human. I guess Sarawakians are usually kind-natured like him.” I once thought to myself mindlessly. He is a Bidayuh.

I was looking for words to summarise what I thought about Borneo Soap the other day, and somehow he just popped up like an epiphany: the nature of Borneo Soap that I just gotten to know is very much similar to the Borneo-born John’s in many ways.

Borneo Soap is a luxury skincare products and soap manufacturer based in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Borneo Soap Malaysia 1 Premium Handcraft1 Borneo Soap   From Borneo With Love

Much like John, Borneo soaps are “natural” – the soaps are au naturale, edible and handmade; “harmless and mild” – they are free from harsh detergents, artificial colourants, preservatives and fragrances, greasy mineral oils and animal fats; “helpful” – they are therapeutical; “rare” – the company is the only one of its kind in the industry, and the soaps are premium-priced; and a little “mysterious” – the soaps are made from ingredients indigenous to Borneo rainforest, and thus lesser known to the world.

(Not sure what John would think if he knows I compare him with soaps lol)

It is a very traditional skincare approach when compared with Derma-Rx I’ve been using. But as the mild-nature of the soaps suggests, they are suitable as supplementary skincare products as well.

We’re invited to “Mother’s Day Appreciation” event organised by Borneo Soup not long ago (well in case you wonder, that lady beside me in the above gallery is my sis. My mom didn’t make it). We had so much fun playing game (that explains the PlayBoy bunny ears right there) and enjoying a great buffet at Shook! and a luxury spa session at Spa Village Kuala Lumpur (you should really go, I’m telling you) by Borneo Soap. Thank you!

Here’s a snippet of the event that demonstrates the gist of Borneo Soap handcrafting process:

 Borneo Soap   From Borneo With Love

As always, we’ve got great news for you. 🙂

Borneo Soap Mother’s Day Instagram Contest

Borneo Soap are being very generous with us. What you can win:

2 x Grand Winners

  • Luxurious massage session (1/2 hours full body scrub and 1 hour full body massage) at Spa Village, Ritz Carlton for 2 persons
  • A Borneo Soap Gift Bag

10 x Consolation Winners

  • a Borneo Soap Gift Bag

What you’ll need to do:

  1. Follow Borneo Soap on Instagram @borneosoap (
  2. Take the best photo with your mother
  3. Caption what your mother means to you. Hashtag #lovemummyborneosoap #fromborneowithlove
  4. Upload and share!

Winners will be selected by Borneo Soap based on creativity of the slogan and the pose (so please proceed to go crazy here lol).

Duration of contest: 1 May to 25 May 2014. More details

And More Promotions

Borneo Soap 10% OFF Total Purchase

Use the code “borneosoap-Max” to  enjoy 10% off!

Valid from 1 May to 31 May 2014

Online Store Buy 2 FREE 1

Buy any 2 Borneo Soap products, get a “Beras Bario Body Bath” Soap for FREE .

No coupon code needed.

Valid from 1 May to 31 May 2014. More details

Now is the best timing for you to give Borneo Soap a try. The reviews of the soaps by us will follow through. To read more about Borneo soap and to get more updates about the brand:

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  • Keith Peace-Curl

    Come to Sarawak & I’ll show u around. Sarawak is a place like no other 🙂

    • Hehe thanks! Now I have a tour guide 😛