15Sheets First Anniversary

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Dear 15Sheets,

Happy Birthday to you! And so to Max!

While Max is making his way into menopause late 20s, you’re just one year old. So young that we actually made a mental note to ask your father, Mr Yang Lee Keong about your name (as is the case with all the new dads we’ve met), “Why the name fifteen-sheets?

As it turned out, your name was intended to symbolise the number of fashion pieces a man would wear. “Ten”, “eleven” and the rest of the numeric didn’t sound right but “fifteen” (15). It just feels You.

You tugged our heartstrings as much as ActuallyKL, if not more, and it isn’t just because you read the same horoscope column as Max’s (well if he read that) – you’re a unique menswear store with a selective taste that leans towards trendy YET still keeping the “chic” in Chictopia, and “wearable” in variable. (We’re pun pundits we know…)

We love that your pieces come in limited-edition, and are unique private labels sourced from the US, UK and the rest of the world. There are more to our sartorial life than just the mass-produced fast-fashion brands, you implied, and we truly agree.

We supposed Max is quite in love with you since he came back fruitful. He later on proceeded to showcase his obsession with floral (again) by suggesting that the set of matchy patchy floral top and shorts he bought from you (made by Descendant of Thieves) deserves a parade in the building. We stopped him before he went to the next building. He’s been carrying your Mad Rabbit laptop sleeve to KL Fashion Week too. He also launched quite a rapid-fire with his camera while he was at your place. (Cue the gallery above.)

Another best part about you? Elegantology may have a restaurant, but you come with an Expresso barCoffee, fellas. COFFEE! Our daily dose of prescribed happiness.

To our surprise, you also come with some creative home decor items.

All in all, Happy Birthday again! We’ll drop by your place again soon.

Your favourite writers at Mayo Town

Ground Floor, 9, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
11:00am – 9:00pm, daily
+603-2201 3760

Online Store: http://www.15sheets.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/15sheets/
Instagram: @15sheets

You can find:

Apparel: Descendant of Thieves • FREE Clothing • Kasil Workshop • Paper Denim & Cloth • Sander • SLVDR • Weekend Offender • Grover • K Way • Ziggy • Item • Save Khaki United • Hyden Yoo • Standard Issue • Lifetime Collective

Footwear: H By Hudson • Sperry

Stationery: Field Notes

Accessories: DIBI • Ivy Prepster • Stolen Riches • Orchill • MRKT

Household: Magisso • PO:

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