The Original Polaroid

The Original Polaroid The Original Polaroid

Whenever I look at the designer sunglasses presented beautifully in the glass display of optometry boutiques or specialized stores, I can’t help but to start choosing one for myself (mentally) and it would take me so far that I’d start thinking just how, when and where I would wear this delicate piece of eyewear.

(Speaking of which, Saturday and Sunday morning are my two favourites times to wear sunglasses.)

The story always ends with my left brain making a call to my already euphoric right brain, asking him to get a hold of himself.

A 1.5k Gucci Aviator is always a nice-to-have – yea, a nice-to-have but not really a must-have.

“So… convince me. How much do you think they can really take care of your eyes? Of course, they are very stylish and cool, and I love them too,” the Left Brain trying to be rational.

The truth is, I don’t know. And I think most probably the person which the aviator eventually ended up with don’t care either.

We know the big labels, we love the accessories and the side products that also inherit the label’s history and heritage, but we also know that developing lens isn’t their core business and strength, when compared to the likes of Ray Ban and Oakley.

Last Friday, I was at Polaroid Eyewear Malaysia launch at Zebra Square in Kuala Lumpur. That’s how I got to know about Polaroid Corporation, the 75-year-old veteran sunglasses maker, which also created and made popular the “Polaroid” instant camera (hence the name.)

Polaroid Eyewear Launch Malaysia The Original Polaroid

Polaroid Eyewear is one of the few eyewear companies that specialises in making polarized lens – a type of lens applied with polarization feature which make it ideal for making sunglasses.

It’s the first breakthrough by the company, as it was a technological invention in 1937 by the founder of Polaroid Corporation, Edwin Land – the same person who also invented Polaroid photography (the technology behind the instant camera.)

The second breakthrough has to be when Polaroid appointed Lady Gaga as the Creative director of the company in 2010. #JustSaying

Polaroid Polarized Glasses The Original Polaroid

Polaroid Eyewear Vintage The Original Polaroid

Polaroid Museum Eyewear The Original Polaroid

Polaroid Vintage Glass The Original Polaroid

Polaroid Vintage Curve The Original Polaroid

Polaroid Eyewear 75 Anniversary The Original Polaroid

Test Polarization The Original Polaroid

Polaroid Aviators The Original PolaroidMy favourite section.

Polaroid Eyewear Malaysia Event

A “100% UV Protection” sticker on the glass, or using plenty of technical phrases in ads and marketing can be a little confusing to people who just need a great pair of sunglasses. Maneuver through the pool of jargons, and if the pair of sunglasses fits the following laymen’s terms, then you know it’s made of great lens:

  • Make intense light looking less intense
  • Block UV as much as possible
  • Reduce glare or reflection on objects or reflective surfaces
  • Show you the real colours of object or scenery

Of course, I still love Gucci, and in no way this post is questioning about quality and worth. In between of having no sunglass and a pair of Gucci aviator, why not take a look at Polaroid Eyewear? I think the lens definitely get the job done, while not lacking in the frame design department.

Polaroid Eyewear was brought into Malaysia by the Safilo Group and it’s now available at your nearest optometry boutiques.

Polaroid Eyewear Malaysia

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