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It never crossed my mind that one of the fashion accessories I could fiddle with is camera straps. Started with a picture I found on my current favourite blog, Style Bubble:

Style Bubble Camera Straps Camera StrapsImage by Refinery29

(By the way, Ms Susie Lau is such an inspiring writer/blogger. She’s just joined the likes of Bryanboy, FashionToast and Elin Kling to be under NOWMANIFEST, one of the world’s leading digital fashion platform).

And then another picture of Phil Oh from Street Peeper:

Street Peeper Camera Strap Camera Straps

If you’re a male DSLR-lugging creature, chances are you’d hardly pay attention to this little details – very likely you’ll use the “default” black strap that comes with the camera for its entire shutter life. The possible reason being a) you’re not a fashion photographer, b) you’re not a fashion blogger c) you think the sight of you carrying a bulky & professional DSLR is already stylish enough (ok I kid you) and d) like me, you just realised you could use a more fashionable strap.

I do not have a DSLR but a semi-DSLR, namely my Canon EOS M. I’ve abandoned using strap for quite some times because I thought hanging a camera around one’s neck just feel so photographer (and I’m not a professional photographer) but the pros is, it can be very handy when you want to launch multiple “shutter-attack” during some precious moments that only happen in split seconds.

On the other hand, I guess my trusty little companion deserves some kind of affection in the form of dressing up, as demonstrated by Susie and Phil with Sarah Kuhn Camera Straps. In a way, a stylish strap turns your camera into a part of your look, be it a matchy matchy strap or something that stands out on its own.

I’ve just ordered one on Etsy (Etsy is an amazing marketplace for unique and affordable hand-made items). And here are some interesting straps I found that might be of your interest. Of course, we can never have too much of these things and knowing my personality, it might be a start to a collection? (Or you already have one?)

I’d love to see what strap you’re using.

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