Hommes.my is a curated list of best fashion buying guides, style and grooming tips for men.

Our motto: Buy less, but buy better.

“It’s not about wearing the latest trend, owning the latest bags or posting your latest outfit on the Instagram. Most of the time, only a few items will stay with us throughout the years while we’re busy ticking off items from our bucket list and experiencing life.

Those items are mostly functional, stylish yet timeless – maybe a little luxurious – and just bring us joy.

Why don’t we spend only on those that we know we will keep? It’s like shopping with KonMari and Dieter Rams.

I think it’d be a great idea to summarise the best available options out there. It will help a lot of people who are too busy to do research but are looking for opinions that are different from major publications and magazines.”

Max Law, Founder

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