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26 Feb 2013 Uncategorized

Lessons for Monsieur Chic

Lessons for Monsieur Chic: Discovering the book by Jennifer L Scott ‘Lessons from Madame Chic’ on Parisian art…

25 Feb 2013 Uncategorized

Menswear at the Oscars 2013

Best Dressed Man at Oscar 2013 is Daniel Day-Lewis! And did you notice almost half of the actors…

19 Feb 2013 Uncategorized

Women Repeller

What is a Women Repeller? He can be the overly fashionable or the overly unfashionable.

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17 Feb 2013 Uncategorized

Justin Timberlake “Suit & Tie”

First single from Justin Timberlake’s latest album [The 20/20 Experience] I’m kind of looking forward to the whole…